Canada Life International Assurance
(Ireland) DAC

A wide range of solutions to suit your individual needs, backed by world-class financial strength

We offer a variety of solutions designed to grow and protect your wealth. Tax-efficiency and the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs are at the heart of our international investment and estate planning solutions. Backed by our highly regarded service, technical expertise and world-class financial strength.

Managing the potential impact of inheritance tax on your family

The tax efficiencies that can be achieved using international bonds are well known and continue to play an important role in financial planning. Their potential to grow funds in a tax efficient manner and offer control over the amount and timing of income are important features, especially when combined with effective trust arrangements to manage the impact of inheritance tax .

International bonds offer the opportunity to access a wider choice of investment funds than would normally be provided via a UK based international bond, and they offer additional investment adviser services such as Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) and segregated portfolio services. DFM charges in relation to international bonds from an Irish provider are VAT exempt when utilising either a DFM or segregated portfolio service – a welcome reduction in cost.

A 120 year international heritage

CLIAI is part of Great-West Lifeco, one of the largest life insurance organisations in the world, with interests in life insurance, health insurance, investments, retirement savings and reinsurance. The ethos of our parent company, and their focus on putting the long-term needs of customers first, prevails throughout our businesses, and is one of the reasons why we have successfully looked after the financial futures of so many clients for so many years.

World-class financial and capital strength

Together with Great-West Lifeco’s other subsidiaries, we serve the financial needs of more than 38 million* customers and have more than £1.52 trillion** in assets under administration (at 31st March 2023). CLIAI is well-capitalised and benefits from being part of this strong global group, so you can be confident that the risk of CLIAI being unable to meet its financial commitments is remote.

* Canada Life Assurance Company (which owns 100% of Canada Life Limited) as at December 2022.
** Canada Life, as at 31 December 2023.

Strong independent ratings

All of Canada Life International’s businesses achieved a five-star financial strength rating from actuarial consultancy AKG in 2023 for 21 consecutive years, the only offshore insurer to do so.

Strength and Stability

Canada Life International Assurance (Ireland) DAC (CLIAI) is based in Dublin, one of the world's leading financial centres, and has a strong commitment to international financial standards and policyholder protection. You can find out more about how CLIAI’s policyholders are protected in our Policyholder Protection Overview

Ireland: a financial centre with stringent policyholder protection

In Ireland, policyholders benefit from some of the most stringent regulatory controls placed upon businesses that provide financial services products to customers.

Although there is no formal insurance policyholder compensation scheme in Ireland there is a robust regulatory framework in place to protect our customers:

  • Regulation – this is set out by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI)

  • Separation – reserves must be held separately from all other assets of the company to meet policyholder liabilities
  • Priority – the policyholder is paid before any other claim other than the cost of winding up the company
  • Segregation – policyholder assets are held separately to those belonging to other shareholders
  • Restriction – the types of assets that can be held are restricted to limit exposure to more volatile assets
  • Solvency – insurers must meet Irish and EU legislation
  • Submissions – annual submissions on solvency to CBI are subject to regular reviews and audits
  • Intervention – the CBI has the power to intervene if there are concerns over an insurer’s solvency
  • Review – the Canada Life Irish business is regularly reviewed by CBI to ensure compliance with the regulations and legal framework


The UK’s departure from the EU meant that Ireland-based international insurers needed to review their operations and regulatory permissions to continue providing services to UK customers. CLIAI successfully completed this process before Brexit and today operates according to a robust and legally compliant post-Brexit business model which has been reviewed in detail by the regulators in Ireland and the UK.

For this reason you can be assured that Canada Life International will continue to offer our full range of Ireland-based products to advisers and their clients in the UK for the long term.

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